Smithfield® Smoked Sausage 14 oz. Pack

Smithfield Smoked Sausage Rope is made with a natural casing that locks in juicy flavor for a satisfying addition to family meals. This smoked sausage rope makes it easy to slice it just the way you like it for everyday recipes and special festive dishes. Made with premium quality ingredients, this hickory smoked sausage is handcrafted using artisanal grinds and hand-selected seasonings for great flavor. The fully cooked Smithfield Smoked Sausage Rope lets you heat things up in the kitchen in a matter of minutes to save on meal prep time. Enjoy this heat-and-serve sausage in your favorite casserole or slow-cooker recipe, serve it up for company with cheddar cheese and crackers on an appetizer tray, or add it to soup for robust smoky taste. Smithfield smoked sausage is stored in a convenient, sealed-tight package to keep the sausage fresh.