Hiland Milk, Vitamin D 16 Oz

Vitamin D3 added. 16 g protein per bottle. All milk tested for antibiotics. Farmer owned. No artificial growth hormones (The FDA states there is no difference in the quality or safety of milk with or without the use of rBST). Gluten free. Excellent source of calcium. Grade a. Pasteurized. Processed at location stamped on container. Nature's SuperDrink Gives You: 16 g protein per 16 oz serving: helps maintain feeling fuller longer, protects muscles after a work out, regulates metabolism as we get older and strengthens immune system; potassium to maintain normal blood pressure and fluid balance; 5 essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs every day; the hydration you need to replace fluid and electrolyte losses. Hiland Dairy Vitamin D milk is fresh and local. Your perfect nutrient delivery system - that just happens to taste great! www.hilanddairy.com.